The Speakers

Three keynotes and 24 sessions over three tracks makes for a fast-paced two-day immersion into modern multi-device design and development!

Chris Coyier

Keynote Q+A

Rebecca Murphey

Keynote Address

Dan Cederholm

Keynote Q+A

Estelle Weyl

CSS Animation Deep Dive

Jonathan Snook

CSS Architecture

Rachel Nabors

Animation Story Telling with HTML5 and CSS3

Derek Featherstone

CSS, Accessibility and You

Jen Simmons

Modern Layouts: Getting Out of Our Ruts

Wes Bos

Become a Sublime Text Power User!

Emily Lewis

Create Your Own Starter Files

Jason Pamental

Type, Responsively

Nico Hagenburger

A Vision for Style Guides in 2015

Jason Lengstorf

Hyper-Optimized Workflow with Grunt, LESS, Autoprefixer, Uncss, and More

Jon Bellah

Embracing Performance Optimization

Tracy Rotton

Building RWD with Sass: The Tools You Need to Know About

Katie Kovalcin

Design the Code, Not Pixel-Perfect Comps

Tessa Harmon

Animated SVGs with CSS

Alicia Sedlock

Let's Get Testable: An Overview of Front-End Unit Testing

Andres Gallo

Building Responsive Sites Without Bottlenecks

Jamie Strachan

OOCSS in the Real World

Pam "Trace" Conrad

Goodbye, Floats! Hello, CSS Flex & Grid Layouts!

Sam Richard

yo, css!

John Ferris

Layout Design Patterns

John W. Long

Refactoring CSS

The Details

CSS Dev Conf Trailer

The Numerous Benefits of CSS Dev Conf

Knowledgable speakers

From Dan Cederholm to Rebecca Murphey, CSS Dev Conf features some of the most well-known people in CSS making sure you get you get practical, actionable content.

Voter-approved sessions

The CSS Community—people just like you—submitted session ideas and voted on their favorites to choose the sessions.

Picture perfect setting

Near the French Quarter, the lavish family-owned historic hotel is one of the first landmarks in the city of New Orleans.

A great value

Breakfast, Lunch and Evening Events for each conference day are included in the price of your ticket.

Best of the best

The most popular sessions of CSS Dev Conf will be repeated on Day Two! Attendees will vote for their favorites anonymously.

Latest and greatest CSS

CSS Dev Conf is the place to learn techniques for everyday workflows to cutting-edge specifications landing in browser nightly builds.

Silver Sponsors




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For sponsorship inquiries, contact Christopher Schmitt.


Frontend Tooling Post-Conference Workshop

The Build Right Frontend Tooling Workshop will help you eliminate development pain and friction by introducing you to modern development processes and tools. Staying ahead of the curve is difficult, and it’s easy to quickly feel out-of-date or left behind.

We’ll help you make the leap into Preprocessors of all kinds, plumb the depths of your favorite text editors, get you up and running with source control (tldr; use it!), discover browser development tools, and explore the best ways to test your code across a range of browsers and devices. To top it all off, we’ll mix in all the other tasty essentials you’ll want to know about: the dreaded terminal, performance tuning, automated deployment, and much more!

We want you to walk away from our workshop feeling empowered to work faster, cleaner, and with more confidence in your frontend development role. We promise that you’ll leave the workshop with your head overflowing with alternatives that challenge the way you’re writing code today and that you’ll be ready to hit the ground running tomorrow.

CSS Animation In-Depth Post-Conference Workshop

Did you think CSS was just for “prettifying” the web? Join award-winning cartoonist and CSS nerd, Rachel Nabors, for an in-browser cartooning session.

Learn how to use HTML5 audio sprites, CSS3 animations and the very few, but very powerful JavaScript techniques to create animations worthy of a production studio. This fun romp is sure to inspire you while showcasing the bleeding edge of CSS.

SMACSS Post-Conference Workshop

The SMACSS Workshop is a full day of instruction and exercises on writing HTML and CSS using a flexible and modular approach that will improve team efficiency and minimize problems with growing projects. It takes the SMACSS e-book and brings it to life with practical examples and in-depth discussion.

This workshop will shift how you think about writing CSS that will simplify your code, make your project easier to manage, and allow it to grow without creating an increasingly brittle system of dependencies. Your code will also be more portable, making it easier to use code on other projects.

Hotel & Venue

New Orleans hotel accommodations are second to none at the Hotel Monteleone, your home away from home. Since 1886, the Hotel Monteleone has proudly stood as one of the first landmarks in the city of New Orleans.

This world-famous French Quarter hotel is within walking distance of the most famous attractions and restaurants in New Orleans.

Reserve your hotel room now as space is limited and rooms are expected to go quickly.

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